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Great album from talented new artist!
Review by QueenCoyote

This is a unique, multifacted album that catches your attention and holds it. The smooth, clear vocals provide nice contrast and balance to the complex and often contrapuntal instruments, and the varied subject matter of each song keeps the listener engaged. From the dark, sensuous taboo of “Whips and Chains“, to the upbeat legalization anthem “Cannabis for You”, the artist manages to explore many different topics that come together to form a relevant whole within the album.

In a similar way, many of the songs start simply, with only a few instruments, and then gradually build to an intricately woven polyphonic complexity rarely seen in modern alternative music. Another rarity present in this album is the use of the song to tell stories – each song has a character, and as each character tells their story, you find yourself relating to their thoughts and emotions almost as though they were speaking to you personally.

If you like Florence and the Machine, Shinedown, or The Donnas, you should give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Enjoyable diverse album.
Review by Rubyplum

If you like the lead singer from Flyleaf, then you’ll enjoy the strong beauty of this woman’s voice. Each song is unique, yet the album flows seamlessly. Very entertaining music that makes you just want to move. This is surely an album that would belong in any music collection.

Sneak Peak at a few songs from album:

Cannabis for YouListen to Cannabis for You

A Glimpse of YouListen to A Glimpse of You

You Will DieListen to You Will Die

Full Track List:

  1. Whips and Chains
  2. Cannabis for You
  3. Spank the Skank
  4. A Glimpse of You
  5. You Will Die
  6. Jeannie Please
  7. Mistress
  8. Muse
  9. Higher Higher
  10. Midnight Wedding
  11. War Brides
  12. Luna
  13. Not Coming Back
  14. Hilda Solis
  15. Riot Dog
  16. Good Dream


All music and lyrics: David Sirias, except Mistress (Holly Nichole and David Sirias) and You Will Die and Hilda Solis (Cole Sirias and David Sirias)

Vocals: Holly Nichole

Instruments/Vocal backing/Tracking/Programming/Production: David Sirias, except accordion performance on Not Coming Back (Cole Sirias)

Recorded at  SiriasMusic, Angels Camp, CA,  February 2010 – May 2011

©SiriasMusic 2011 BMI

Original cover art: Holly Nichole; Graphic design by ZinZang Studio

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